Tonsley 24/7 Squash Corporate Cup

Which team will take out the 2020 Tonsley 24/7 Squash Corporate Cup?

Squash SA and Tonsley Innovation District invite the Tonsley community to take part in the next Tonsley 24/7 Squash Corporate Cup.

The competition is FREE to join and open to people who are living, working or studying at Tonsley. Players will also receive a FREE Tonsley 24/7 Squash Corporate Cup polo shirt.

The winning team will receive a $150 voucher for food and beverages at The Southern Bar Gaming Bistro (located opposite Tonsley at 1303 South Road, St Marys).

A fun sport, squash can burn as many as 1,000 calories per hour. It also provides great opportunities to meet and connect with new people.

Next season

Starts Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Teams must register by Thursday, 29 October 2020

Competition duration

7 weeks


3 players per team, plus reserves.

This is a social competition and will suit people who have never played before or are beginners and amateurs.

Match days

Each team will play one round per week lasting approximately one hour on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Two rounds will be held on each night starting at 4:00pm and 5:15pm, respectively. The fixture will be published on SportyHQ once all teams have registered.

Match format

Players need to play in order of strength, e.g. the strongest player in the team plays at no. 1, against the strongest player in the opposing team, weakest player at no. 3, against the weakest player in the opposing team. Reserves are allowed to play as long as they play in correct order of merit.

Each player must play 3 games against their opponent. Games are won when a player wins 11 points. If a game gets to 10-10 then a player must win by 2 clear points (e.g. 14-12). It will take players approximately 20 minutes to play 3 games. Players may leave the court between games for a drink etc., if required.

Score cards will be provided and must be placed under the door of the 24/7 Squash pod located next to the court.

Equipment and facilities

All racquets and balls are provided free-of-charge and can be found in the metal tool box next to the 24/7 Squash court. Players must wear sport shoes. Change rooms and showers are available in the Service Core near the court.

Squash shirt

Each regular player, plus up to one reserve player per team will receive a FREE Tonsley 24/7 Squash Corporate Cup polo shirt to play in. This will be customised with each team’s name. You will need to provide team members’ shirt size and team name when registering.

Due to printing times, the shirts may arrive one or two weeks after the start of the competition.



This Squash 24/7 Squash Corporate Cup is being proudly sponsored by Tonsley Innovation District and Squash SA in order to further strengthen the bonds and connections between members of the Tonsley community. Normal cost is $200 per team.


The winning team will receive a $150 voucher for food and beverage at The Southern Bar Gaming Bistro.


In order to minimise COVID-19 risks and ensure the safety of all players, a number of measure are in place. Below are some of the measures that you will need to adhere to:

  • The team captain must be a COVID marshall
    • This is free training provided by SA Health and can be completed online in 30 minutes
  • For tracing purposes, ensure only players and reserves registered on SportyHQ attend matches
  • Instead of shaking hands, do a racquet shake
  • Use hand sanitiser provided
  • Use fresh racquets for each match and sanitise the racquet after use using wipes provided (there are enough racquets available to allow every player per night to use a fresh and sanitised racquet)
  • Sanitise squash balls between matches using wipes provided
  • Promote physical distancing when off court


You must register your team by Thursday, 29 October 2020 on SportyHQ