Posted: 8 March 2018

US-based medical device manufacturer ProTom International will build a cancer-fighting, proton therapy machine assembly, test and training facility at Tonsley – creating 165 jobs.

The ProTom Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence for Proton Therapy will assemble and test the Radiance 330 Proton Therapy System.

The centre, located north of the Main Assembly Building at Tonsley and to be complete in 2019, will assemble devices to be exported, mainly to Asia, making Adelaide a centre of medical device manufacturing excellence in the region.

ProTom’s establishment at Tonsley, cements the innovation district’s reputation as a world-leading education, start-up and high-value manufacturing hub.

The centre will also provide teaching and training facilities for local and international technical and clinical support personnel.

In addition to the 100 ongoing ProTom jobs, the new centre will create an additional 65 jobs during construction of the facility.

What is proton therapy?

Proton therapy is a type of radiation treatment that precisely targets tumours. It enables radiation oncologists to destroy tumours while sparing normal healthy tissue, reducing side effects and improving long-term outcomes for patients.