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Tonsley Innovation District
Level 1, Administration Building
1 Tonsley Boulevard
Tonsley SA 5042


P: 1300 328 008
E: customercare.pac@danfoss.com
W: www.danfoss.com

Mailing address:
PO Box 4123
Dandenong South  Vic  3164

Engineering Tomorrow

Danfoss Climate Solutions

For more than 80 years, Danfoss has been pushing the boundaries of climate and energy technologies. By combining their expertise and portfolio within heating and cooling into Danfoss Climate Solutions they are able to serve their customers even better. With the increasing urbanisation and a global focus on the green transition, Danfoss Climate Solutions can provide the integrated energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions needed to meet the world’s climate targets.

Danfoss Drives

Danfoss Drives is a dedicated AC drives supplier that works with any motor or drive system – for optimal control of electric motors.

With the world’s largest installed base, the potential of drives is realised every day – maximizing process performance, saving energy and intelligently integrating renewables into the grid.

Danfoss Power Solutions

A leading player and pioneer in the mobile hydraulics market, Danfoss Power Solutions engineers hydraulic, electric and electronic components to optimise machine management.

By driving the next generation of hydraulics and electrification, Danfoss Power Solutions are enabling industries and machinery to build, move and transform our world in a more energy-efficient and sustainable way.