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SA Insights: Micro-X

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Main Assembly Building (MAB), Tonsley Innovation District (in front of Micro-X)

SA Insights presentation: featuring Micro-X

Join us for an exciting evening of insights into the world of innovation and discover the remarkable journey of Micro-X, a pioneering player in the medtech sector.

Jo Close, Director of MTPConnect’s Adelaide Intermediary Program will be interviewing the three leaders of Micro-X:

ANFF South Australia Client Engagement Facilitator, Matthew Chong, from MTPConnect Adelaide Intermediary Program, will also join the chat and share information about the facilities and capabilities in South Australia and the role of ANFF-SA in the Micro-X story.

This will be the final SA Insights presentation and networking event for 2023, so don’t miss out.

About Micro-X

Micro-X is a South Australian medtech success story. With a rich history and an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, Micro-X has emerged as a true trailblazer in imaging and radiography technologies globally. Founded by Peter Rowland and now led by CEO Kingsley Hall, the listed company has rapidly grown to more than 25 employees since its establishment in 2011. Not only has Micro-X pioneered new frontiers in medical imaging through miniaturisation and the used or carbon nanotubes, but the company has also diversified its impact by needs within the defence and security sectors.

About Adelaide Intermediary Program (AIP)

The AIP delivered by MTPConnect, plays a pivotal role in forging connections, building capacity, and fostering  a culture of innovation and translation within South Australia’s healthtech sector.

A health and med tech intermediary plays a crucial role in the ecosystem by facilitating communication and collaboration between various stakeholders, such as researchers, clinicians, industry, entrepreneurs, start-ups, commercialisation professionals, healthcare providers, technology developers, regulatory bodies, and government and policy makers.

The four-member team offer a range of complimentary services including one-on-one consults to identify collaborators and prospective funding opportunities, curating and scouting opportunities for national and international delegations,  delivering or amplifying  training and development opportunities, and promoting audience engagement across the sector.

Lead by Director Jo Close, the AIP is engaged to coordinate major state-wide bids to secure funding, infrastructure, and programs which position South Australia for future success.

The Adelaide Intermediary Program has become the go-to one-stop-shop for connecting and empowering SA’s health and medical innovation ecosystem, while also increasing the profile of South Australia’s efforts around the globe.

Connect with the AIP team, led by Jo Close, AIP Director – [email protected].

For more information about MTPConnect – Welcome to MTPConnect : MTPConnect


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