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Celebrating the first Ten Years of Tonsley

Tonsley innovation district celebrates the first 10 years of success

For more than 10 years, Tonsley Innovation District has been a leader in innovation for South Australia. To mark Tonsley’s first decade of success, Renewal SA sat down with some of the District’s greatest champions, those who have actively contributed to its collaborative ecosystem and influenced the exemplar incubator it has become.

"Through our international research we identified that for a living lab to prosper well it was best placed in a vibrant and meaningful ecosystem. Tonsley spoke in volumes to that aspiration."

"Innovation comes from diversity of thought and different people coming together. That is actually what [Tonsley] is, it's somewhere that you can innovate and SAGE has definitely benefited as a business from that."

"Flinders’ New Ventures Institute works at Tonsley because the essence of what we are trying to do here – create collaboration – is exactly what Tonsley does."

"There's nothing like [Tonsley] in Australia and I believe it represents as one of the best innovation hubs in the world."

"Every time I come here it's inspiring. Whether there's a new building going up, whether there's new tenants coming on, whether there's new staff, there's something new every day and that to me is really inspiring."

"The opportunity for our research to be in the same area, the same district, the same facility as the industry was, I think, really just too good an opportunity for [Flinders]."

"Networking between businesses is the way to go for the future of industry."


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