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Success Stories

Revolutionary Micro-X CT brain scanner designed to save time and lives

A world-first mobile lightweight CT brain scanner designed, developed and manufactured at Tonsley Innovation District is on the cusp of revolutionising stroke diagnosis and life-saving treatment.

Global connections and local supply chain solutions: the Nice team driving SA’s economic growth at Tonsley

Garages, gates, fences, or giant warehouse doors – where building automation company Nice Australia sees a barrier, it also sees an opportunity.

Tonsley a launchpad for careers thanks to seamless blend of education and industry

The nexus between higher education and industry is so strong at Tonsley Innovation District that, if you’re studying there, your career could turn out to be – quite literally – on your doorstep.

Tonsley partnerships put manufacturer in the box seat

Specialised Solutions, in partnership with Tonsley Innovation District, transforms park benches into smart-tech furniture, improving digital equality in rural communities.

XFrame transforms building at the click of a panel

XFrame's innovative modular framing system facilitates quick recovery from flood damage, using reconfigurable and water-resistant marine-grade plywood structures.

Pressure test: Tonsley company tackling $3 billion wound burden

Wound Innovations, partnered with Flinders University, developed an app to manage Australia's $3 billion chronic wound crisis.

How Tonsley has made this robotics club a smashing success

RoboRoos, South Australia's Student Robotics Club, inspires future engineers through competitive robots embodying Tonsley Innovation District's entrepreneurial spirit.

Brighter future: Tonsley Energy Consortium ‘pays It forward’

Quentin Roberts joined Tonsley Innovation District to collaborate with like-minded business owners shaping Australia's clean energy future. His company, EfficientSee, advises Australia's biggest energy users on innovative energy solutions.

Not so fast: Tonsley students’ winning formula in great solar race

The Flinders Automotive Solar Team (FAST) from Flinders University is preparing for the 2023 World Solar Car Challenge, prioritizing energy efficiency over speed with their car, Investigator IV.


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