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Planned for success

Tonsley has several land sale, leasing, and accommodation options to suit a variety of uses, needs and sizes. These options have been master-planned to exist across high-value industry and commercial; education and training; retail and civic spaces; and residential.

Our land sale allotments and tenancies are available for purchase or lease, or within our two co-working spaces. They are either move-in ready, development-ready or will be available in the future as the Tonsley redevelopment continues to progess.

Explore how Tonsley has been planned for success below using the Master Plan map or visit our Join Tonsley for the latest sales and leasing opportunities.


Tonsley is planned for success. The 20-year masterplan that commenced in 2012 encompasses all the components that add up to create a sustainable innovation district.

To inspire innovation across key industry sectors, Tonsley brings together a number of land uses on its 61-hectare site including high-value industry and commercial, education and training, retail and residential.

This indicative masterplan is used to illustrate how Tonsley may look at the completion of the redevelopment. Explore the interactive map to find out more about each of the land uses.



With the education and training institutions at Tonsley heavily embedded in industry activity, skilled knowledge workers of today and tomorrow are readily available.

  • Flinders University‘s College of Science and Engineering
  • TAFE SA Building and Construction trade training
  • Upon completion of the redevelopment over 8,500 students will attend the education and training facilities at Tonsley.


Providing high-quality public realm, civic spaces and retail amenities is important in attracting and retaining highly-skilled people, which is why Tonsley has been designed as a place to work, live and play.


Tonsley Village on the north western portion of Tonsley Innovation District is an 11-hectare residential development for approximately 800 homes, accommodating 1,600 residents.

  • Built to the latest environmental and design guidelines
  • Cosmopolitan apartment living and townhouses situated among green open spaces.

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