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Innovation Projects

A 61-Hectare Testbed for Innovators

Tonsley offers a 61-hectare collaborative testbed for developing and trialling new innovations and technologies in a real-world setting. The complex and multi-faceted nature of the Tonsley development provides great opportunities to translate and apply new thinking in many of the world’s future industries.

The future trends and industries being explored at Tonsley are Energy, Mobility, Ageing, Manufacturing, Connectivity and the Future of Work, Live and Play.

Future Energy

A centralised District Energy Scheme is being delivered at Tonsley by Clean Peak Energy. Up to 5MW of on-site renewable power generation from rooftop solar photovoltaics (PV), battery storage and smart metering technologies will be used by Tonsley’s businesses and residents.

Tonsley is home to Australia’s first hydrogen production and distribution facility, Hydrogen Park SAAustralian Gas Networks are utilising a 1.25MW Siemens Energy electrolyser to produce hydrogen gas from renewable energy, helping pave the way for the deployment of a hydrogen economy in Australia.

Future Mobility

Tonsley has been home to several cutting-edge autonomous vehicle trials that have operated within the districts road network and Main Assembly Building (MAB).

The 10-seater FLEX autonomous shuttle by Flinders University navigates the road network at Tonsley and transports passengers to and from the nearby train station. FLEX is free to use and can be booked in advance.

The world’s smartest transit hub, Matilda, was also developed at Tonsley by SAGE Automation to provide a seamless integration between passengers and autonomous vehicles. You can find and use a Matilda Smart Transit Hub at Gate 1 of the MAB.

Future Ageing

The Global Centre for Modern Ageing serves as a leading response to the international ageing phenomenon.

Their world-class living lab at Tonsley unites older people, businesses and researchers to co-design and validate products, services and experiences that will better serve the lives of ageing people in Australia and around the world.

Future Manufacturing

Reborn as South Australia’s epicentre of high-value manufacturing, Tonsley plays an important role in helping industry develop and adopt the latest manufacturing technologies.

The Tonsley Manufacturing Innovation (TMI) Hub and its Cyber-physical Factory is a catalyst for promoting understanding and application of Industry 4.0 practices. Central to accelerating the growth of advanced manufacturing in Australia is continued development and diffusion of Industry 4.0 capabilities including robotics and automation in highly networked and flexible production systems that take advantage of cloud computing.

Future Connectivity

Businesses and organisations at Tonsley have access to GigCity, affordable, gigabit-speed internet that is up to 100 times faster than the national average.

Access to enabling-technology like GigCity provides opportunities for businesses to reimagine how their organisation operates and underpins innovation in a global, connected world.

Future of Work, Live and Play

Work, live and play is becoming more localised. People no longer want to travel long distances to get to work. We want our leisure and entertainment close at hand. With increasing demands on our time, convenience is key.

This is why Tonsley has been designed as a mixed-use district. It is a place for work, study and research, but also a premier location to live, play and relax.

A range of retail, hospitality and sporting facilities are available across the site, with more to come as the redevelopment of the site progresses.

Tonsley Village is the district’s 11 hectare residential development being delivered by Peet Limited.

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