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Automation, Software and Simulation

Enabling Innovation Globally

Automation, software and simulation fields provide critical enabling-technology for many product and service innovations throughout the global economy.

It applies across key industry sectors such as manufacturing, defence, energy, health, mining and resources, building and construction.

Tonsley has attracted a number of businesses across this sector, which has been a catalyst for growing new business opportunities amongst the Tonsley community and beyond.

More about this sector

Automation is the technology by which processes or procedures are performed without human assistance. Applications for automation technology are found within a variety of industries such as manufacturing, utilities, resources, defence and transportation.

The software industry develops software products, applications and digital content for sale as a product, or provides software development services. Software firms are firms that develop software for the purpose of selling or marketing a product (rather than applications that are developed solely for in-house use).

Simulation technologies reproduce real-world systems in virtual environments that enable design, analysis, manufacturing, training and entertainment for any application. Simulation is especially valuable when these applications have inherently high complexity, cost and risk.


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