Tenancy 19

  • 829 square metres
  • Expected to be available for development by Spring 2021
  • Price available upon enquiry
  • F25 MAB, 6 MAB Eastern Promenade, Tonsley SA 5042
  • Enquiries are encouraged if you are interested in Tenancy 19
  • Download fact sheet

Interested in Tenancy 19?

Complete and submit the enquiry form and we will get back to you within two business days.


Suitability Assessment

Tonsley has a business suitability policy that reflects Tonsley’s economic development objectives. Businesses interested in locating at Tonsley should demonstrate that they are aligned within the realm of high-value manufacturing or Tonsley’s four focus sectors. There are also exemptions from the suitability criteria that some businesses may meet.

The suitability assessment will be administered following receipt of your enquiry.