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Automation technology reaches critical mass at Tonsley with arrival of Nice Australia

Automation technology reaches critical mass at Tonsley with arrival of Nice Australia

Nice Australia—part of a global enterprise in smart home technology—will soon be the latest international tenant to set up premises at Tonsley Innovation District, joining other leaders in automation technology such as SAGE Automation, ZEISS, AZZO and Phoenix Contact.

The move has come as part of an ambitious expansion plan for the Nice Group and a desire to capitalise on the world-class expertise in automation technology that continues to develop at pace at Australia’s most-awarded innovation district.

"“One of our biggest hopes for the relocation of our Australian branch to Tonsley is to explore opportunities for partnerships, knowledge sharing and networking, and to join an advanced high-tech community that shares skills and ideas, effectively working together and thriving together.""

Roberto Giacometti, Managing Director of the Nice Group Australia and New Zealand

Tonsley Innovation District’s Precinct Director Philipp Dautel, Commercial Sales and Leasing Manager Alana Capozza, Leyton Property’s Development Manager Lukas Weeks, and Nice Group’s Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, Roberto Giacometti in front of Lot 104 at Tonsley where Leyton will develop Nice’s Asia-Pacific headquarters.

A leader in smart home automation systems, including intelligent gates, garage doors, awnings, shutters, alarms and lighting that can all be managed remotely via smartphones and tablets, the company also specialises in technology to manage high security access to industrial, commercial, government and military sites, such as anti-terrorism boom gates.

The Nice Group has a worldwide turnover of a billion dollars (AUD) and 24 branches globally that service more than 100 countries.

Tonsley will now become home to the firm’s regional headquarters for the Asia-Pacific region.

In a deal struck with South Australian bespoke property developer, Leyton Property, who owns the almost 3,000 sqm of prime land upon which Nice Australia’s new premises will be based, a two-level, architecturally-designed facility will shortly be built to Nice’s specifications and include a state-of-the-art workshop, showroom and office suite.

The new headquarters will be located on Tonsley’s main promenade, at the gateway to the iconic Main Assembly Building, also known as the MAB.

"“The delivery of this new facility for Nice Australia at Tonsley aligns perfectly with Leyton Property’s strategy to partner with blue-chip tenants to deliver high-quality, purpose-built property developments that meet the highest construction standards.""

Lukas Weeks, Development Manager at Leyton Property

“We are delighted that this new build will be ten times more thermally efficient than other builds of a similar scale and purpose, and that in this way it will uphold and strengthen the sustainability credentials of the wider Tonsley precinct,” Lukas says.

Nice Australia’s move to Tonsley will not only grow the district’s capacity in automation technology—a key focus sector—but also generate employment opportunities over time, as the business continues to expand.

“The Nice Group has an ambitious growth agenda that will see us target a new type of customer in the near future and that will require us to operate in a new type of technical environment,” says Roberto Giacometti.

"“The move to Tonsley will allow us to customise the work space we need for this future growth and affirm our presence in key markets across the private and public sectors. It will also give us access to shared infrastructure, maintain our proximity to all of our current suppliers and put us in touch with other future thinkers in high-value manufacturing and automation. As such, Tonsley is simply the perfect location for us." "

Roberto Giacometti, Managing Director, Nice Group Australia and New Zealand

General Manager of Project Delivery and Property at Renewal SA, Todd Perry, believes that the pending relocation of Nice Australia is yet a further step in realising the masterplan for Tonsley Innovation District.

"“One of the chief goals at Tonsley is to catalyse growth and innovation by delivering the facilities and partnerships needed to help our economy realise its global potential.""

Todd Perry, General Manager of Project Delivery and Property at Renewal SA

“With the arrival of Nice Australia to Tonsley we see the business multiplier effect in action, where new businesses are attracted to the district by the collective presence of other related businesses, and together these businesses grow in impact and reach and support each other’s success.

“Research and Development can no longer take place in isolation… physical co-location and a genuine culture of collaboration elevates our thinking and problem-solving on an international scale.

“We welcome Nice Australia to Tonsley and look forward to this successful organisation participating in our growing community,” Todd says.

In recent times Nice Australia has been responsible for delivering smart blinds at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Perth and automated gates at the Moorebank precinct in Sydney, to help improve the way containerised freight moves through Port Botany.

In other parts of the world, the Nice Group has been responsible for the installation of automated barrier systems at Inverness Castle in Scotland and the Turkmenistan naval base in Central Asia, as well as a motorised sun protection system at Wörthersee Stadium in Klagenfurt (Austria).

Leyton Property expects to commence site works at Tonsley imminently, with a view to having the new Nice Australia headquarters open for business by February 2022.


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