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AZZO is at the tipping point of energy management

AZZO is at the tipping point of energy management

The site of Tonsley Innovation District holds a special place in the heart of AZZO Managing Director, John Azzollini. Fresh out of high school, John wandered onto what was then the shop floor of the Mitsubishi Motors site, the workplace of both his parents, and he asked for a job. And although the general practice was to report to the employment centre, he was shortly offered an electrical apprenticeship.

The impromptu moment sparked John’s 31-year association with the site, and fast-forward to 2017, with John at the helm of AZZO, he found himself back at the site where his career first began in the revitalised form of Tonsley Innovation District.

Now, back at the old Mitsubishi site, John can practically hear the humming of the machines he’d grown accustomed to as a young apprentice. He’s in awe of the innovative redevelopment of a place that he’s always held in great sentiment, and he’s grateful to be a part of a professional collective once again.

"It really was a community and the great thing I see now is it’s once again a community but for a completely different skill set."

John Azzollini, Managing Director, AZZO

The initial phase of AZZO was AZZO Automation, a business that evolved from the redundancy of the Mitsubishi Motors Lonsdale site, with a focus on automation solutions for industrial customers and manufacturing in Australia. In 2010, the company rebranded to AZZO, with a transition towards energy management for sectors that are unfamiliar with automation.

AZZO is now a brand that provides end-to-end solutions for energy management. The team of electricians, engineers, and software developers behind AZZO work together to design, install and support energy measurement devices. The team incorporates various technologies to assist typically non-energy customers, whether it be the reduction of their electricity cost or finding solutions to issues with their power quality.

AZZO is dedicated to providing innovative energy management on a large scale. They’re currently involved in various projects for the Westfield group. Ranging from a demand control system for Westfield Marion’s expansion works to optimise their heating and cooling systems, to their showcase project at Westfield Centrepoint Tower, Australia’s biggest shopping centre. The variation in services provided by AZZO enables them to work on an array of projects from Australia’s prominent universities and the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) to works at Adelaide Oval and the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).


John pinpoints the catalyst of AZZO’s growth to surrounding himself with exceptional people who share his vision in providing energy and sustainability solutions worldwide. Further, ascribing the positioning of AZZO at the Tonsley site as another factor in their growth. The state of the art facilities of Tonsley and the inspiring businesses they co-habitate with enables AZZO to operate at a higher level. Their positioning gives them the opportunity to collaborate with the best, not only in the precinct but also globally.

"The AZZO definition of innovation is, 'innovative solutions for new requirements'. There's cohabitation, collaboration, and innovation. And the beauty of the Tonsley site is that it brings it all together. Not only are we co-habitating but we're also working together for innovation."

John Azzollini, Managing Director, AZZO

Drawing on the supermarket analogy that people and customers want convenience, John finds convenience to be the biggest drawcard of their Tonsley tenancy. The site facilitates the ability for innovators to identify opportunities and collaborate on projects. An exciting potential collaboration is AZZO’s provision of energy data to the students of the Flinders University Maths and Science Department, which would enable the students to work with AZZO’s software engineers in the development of Artificial Intelligence software.

AZZO’s work in measuring energy data has positioned themselves in the market as the experts in sound, connected data. Analysing this data enables AZZO to make a significant impact on their client’s energy management, which in turn delivers sustainable solutions. With the high price of electricity , AZZO finds itself at the tipping point of energy management with increasing opportunity to provide sustainable solutions. Immersed in the innovation ecosystem that is Tonsley, AZZO is excited to continue delivering innovative, practical and efficient solutions to engineering and technological challenges in the energy market.


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