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CO-HAB is in the MAB

CO-HAB is in the MAB

The Story of CO-HAB

CO-HAB Tonsley, developed by Innovyz, began in the former Mitsubishi Administration building, and the rise of this coworking space has been meteoric. CO-HAB Tonsley has grown from single digit memberships in 2015 to over 130 active members today. CO-HAB now and has a footprint of over 1400 m2, including state-of-the-art facilities: boardrooms, a conference room, a full kitchen and 6 meeting rooms available to members and external businesses.

Making The Leap to MAB

CO-HAB has been so successful that it has outgrown all available space in the Admin Building, and it is for this reason that the team at CO-HAB leased a further 160m2 space within the MAB. This space was fully committed to over sixteen members one month prior to opening in October 2017.

This new, self-contained coworking space accommodates nine businesses. It has a fully-equipped kitchen, GigCity internet connectivity, and a board room available for members to book at any time.

The central location of the MAB space will only become more valuable as  Tonsley Innovation District continues to develop, and  having headquarters in the heart of the Main Assembly Building will allow CO-HAB to share the benefits of their community with the wider Tonsley community.

Why coworking?

Coworking is the fastest growing new way to work. Over $1 billion was invested in the coworking industry in the last twelve months. Over the last 5 years, coworking has increased by 400% globally. Coworking is an effective way to reduce business overheads, and allows coworkers to work in a socially active environment. Over a third of Australians currently work from outside of the workplace in some capacity. Unfortunately, these environments are often filled with distraction and can be socially isolating. This has adverse effects on both worker satisfaction and productivity. Coworking offers a wonderful solution – an open, friendly environment that facilitates most effective work.

In this way, CO-HAB provides a space for otherwise-isolated small businesses to collaborate with and inspire one another. The modern, open-air format and shared kitchen facilities provide a great place for individuals to chat, share ideas, and ultimately conduct business that boosts the South Australian economy.

New businesses in particular can struggle with the costs associated with dedicated office space. CO-HAB was designed, in part, to solve this problem. CO-HAB connects new innovators with experienced business minds, and both parties benefit from this new, collaborative community.

A Tour Through the CO-HAB MAB

As you enter the CO-HAB MAB space, the first thing that strikes you is the open, airy nature of the shared working stations. The centre half-wall gives enough privacy that tenants can concentrate on their work, but doesn’t cause the space to be closed off and restrictive.

At one end of the shared working space you see the beautifully furnished kitchen. The space is stocked with fresh fruit and beautiful La Crema coffee. Members of the space can meet here for lunch and share stories over their drinks.

Past the shared coworking space we reach the larger offices. These are reserved for larger local businesses, and fit up to five people per room. These rooms offer increased privacy, while proximity to the shared working space means that the sense of community is still vibrant.

The MAB coworking space is the latest exciting addition to Tonsley Innovation District.


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