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Drill core library to trigger new discoveries

Drill core library to trigger new discoveries

South Australia’s new state-of-the-art Drill Core Reference Library is now officially open, helping to uncover the next wave of resource discoveries.

The new $32.2 million facility, at Tonsley, houses a priceless collection of the State’s geology, bringing together more than 7.5 million metres of drill core samples from across the State that represent more than 100 years of exploration.

A drill core viewing area provides scientists with a 3D view of geology and mineral deposits under the earth’s surface.

It is a one-stop-shop for industry and geoscience explorers seeking easy access to the State’s inventory of drill cores generated from historical and recent exploration efforts – so companies can better target potential discoveries.

The drill core library will help explorers highlight areas of real potential and spend their exploration dollars more effectively.

The valuable collection, together with the State’s freely available exploration reports, data, information and latest modern drill core scanning systems, provide an important advantage in the ongoing search for mineral ore deposits and petroleum resources.

Drill core samples were instrumental in major mineral and energy discoveries such as Olympic Dam and the Cooper Basin more than forty years ago.

The facility also provides direct access to South Australia’s extensive library of geoscience information through the South Australian Resource Information Geoserver.


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