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Back to News 11 June 2020

Embedded Expertise launches Australia’s first Wellness Program for its contractors

With positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace now more important than ever, Australian technical resourcing company Embedded Expertise, based at Tonsley Innovation District, has developed Australia’s first Wellness Program for its contractors, ensuring they are supported the whole way through their contract, and beyond into the next.

Due to an alarming need to better support contract or consultant professionals who typically have no have access to the same support as permanent employees, the program has been launched with a focus on mental health prevention, minimisation and brain fitness for its network of contract-based engineers and project managers.

“Mental Wellness is about increasing our ability to innovate and think outside the box – it isn’t just about dealing with and preventing mental illness,” General Manager of Embedded Expertise Virginia Williams said.

“The program covers all aspects of mental wellbeing: from delivering coaching and advise, to educating and arming our team with tools that will improve their ability to perform.”

“In my experience, people in contract roles typically feel more isolated, left out and under far more pressure to deliver than their permanent counterparts,” she said.

Supporting Embedded Expertise as Australia’s only dedicated industrial automation and control contract resourcing company, the Wellness Program provides participants with both prevention and coping mechanisms including: access to the Mental Wellbeing Toolbox, brain training techniques, one to one specialist life coaching, wellbeing and mental health tutorials, contractor community forum, and regular phone calls with their talent manager.

Spearheaded by Virginia Williams, Embedded Expertise draws on her 20 years of recruitment experience in technical fields, spanning several top-tier firms in the UK and Australia. A SAGE Group company based in Tonsley, Embedded Expertise is able to bring in an unrivalled understanding of clients’ environments to see what they need at all stages of their business, and can help predict where challenges may lie. A performance-driven extension of clients’ teams, driven to solve complex problems and create previously unimaginable opportunities, the SAGE Group is a global leader in exceptional skill and innovation in the fields of engineering, drafting, intelligent systems, automation and control.


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