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Innovyz is leading South Australia into the next era of innovation

Innovyz is leading South Australia into the next era of innovation

"What we found is that if you had a great innovation, a great team, and a great plan, you get great money. If you don’t have that, then you’re not going to get it. That’s the secret to what we do."

Brett Jackson,, Co-founder, Innovyz

Innovyz grew out of a passion. Co-founders Brett Jackson and Stuart Douglas delight in helping companies to innovate, scale, and raise capital. And as a bonus, they happen to be really good at it.

While many would be discouraged, the duo had no qualms in establishing Innovyz during the global financial crisis. Fast-forward ten years, and it’s apparent they’re experts in commercialising innovation. Since the company’s inception, they’ve started 60 companies with a collective value of more than half a billion dollars (with more in the works), and they’ve raised funds in excess of 70 million dollars. The success of Innvoyz is a testament to the value of a good idea – regardless of the economic climate.

Innovyz is an end-to-end provider that helps individuals, universities, research centres, existing companies, and corporate spinouts build and grow companies, to bring their innovations, research, and ideas to market.

Instead of allowing finance to dictate innovation, their intensive 9-month programs ensure that the ‘idea’ remains paramount during the company’s growth. Equally, Brett believes that the key to their success is working with people who they like and trust, and who are open to being coached through the scaling of their business. Their approach to partnership synergy and underlying business mission is what distinguishes Innovyz from other business incubators on the market.


Flexibility is also an important consideration for Brett and the Innovyz team who’s programs need to work across multiple sectors. Being able to work with clients such as Green Industries SA to deliver a commercialisation program focussed on new ways to reduce waste and enhance recycling then switch gears to help commercialise the innovative approach to welding developed by KTIG is part of what makes Innovyz unique.

KTIG is a great example of the power of the Innovyz program. Born out of South Australia’s CSIRO, the founder of KTIG, Dr Laurie Jarvis, presented with a new keyhole welding technology that took only 1% of the time usually required and with a cost saving between 80 and 95%.  Revolutionary ideas drive Innovyz, so, naturally, the KTIG’s transformative welding technology sparked their interest. Since working with Innovyz, KTIG is now a successful global business, winning Australia’s Best Industrial Product Award 2014.

Nowadays, Innovyz is looking for innovation with global relevance, whether it be in new materials, manufacturing methods and technologies, engineering software or robotics. From this standpoint, Brett can see that the opportunities are endless and Innovyz is operating in a very exciting space.

"What attracted us to Tonsley? It's an innovation district, and that's what we do. Back ten years ago there was no eco-system for entrepreneurship and the commercialisation of innovation. Tonsley has enabled like- minded people to connect."

Brett Jackson,, Co-founder, Innovyz

In today’s climate, South Australia is a place where entrepreneurs can thrive, and Innovyz has played a crucial role in this development. In particular, their presence at Tonsley Innovation District has enabled them to cultivate this entrepreneurial spirit. Brett considers the beauty of the Tonsley site to be the melting pot of individuals that you find in the Main Assembly Building, where you can sit down for lunch and have the opportunity to connect with amazing people. Casual encounters such as this have presented Innovyz with opportunities to partner with businesses and help them accelerate.

2019 is looking to be a busy year ahead for Innovyz. They have multiple projects underway such as the completion of their advanced materials manufacturing program, the creation of up to ten more companies and the listing up to two of their companies on the ASX. As South Australia enters this exciting new era of innovation, Innovyz is set to deliver results.

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