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Living Laboratory @ Tonsley

Living Laboratory @ Tonsley

The Living Laboratory @ Tonsley aims to play a vital and trusted role to its clients in enabling and accelerating their products and service pathway from idea to commercialisation. At the same time, it aims to minimise the time, costs and risks of its clients as they bring new products and services to market.

In addition it has the specific goal to enable its clients to bring great products and services aligned to the goals and aspirations of older citizens.

The Living Laboratory @ Tonsley is Australia’s only test facility designed to capture and analyse visual and audio data in real time of people, selected from the target audience for the product or service, using its client’s products and services, within multiple simulated home and office environments.


What is the living laboratory?

The Living Laboratory @ Tonsley is a facility that has been designed to accommodate a multitude of simulated environments combined with a sophisticated video and audio data recording system to capture the interactions of test subjects with your products or services under controlled conditions.

This allows detailed real time and post-test analysis of the interaction to give the specific insights needed to ensure clients’ products or services are tailored to target customers.

In addition, it offers the space to accommodate up to 40 people in a seminar configuration to allow for dedicated training if required or as an open space for alternative set-ups including working with smaller groups or for product launch or display purposes.

Why Tonsley?

Tonsley has been designed to unite progressive individuals, businesses and researchers looking to collaborate, test, build and grow in a supportive environment.

The complex and multifaceted nature of the Tonsley development provides great opportunities to translate and apply new thinking and question the status quo.

Examples of other special projects at Tonsley include:

  • Autonomous vehicle trials
  • District Energy Scheme
  • Smart Cities.

The Living Laboratory @ Tonsley is an initiative of the Economic Development Board of South Australia.


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