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Local jobs for local people

Local jobs for local people

As the first students arrive to the new TAFE facilities this month, so too will Warren Boxshall, Tonsley’s on-site bus driver and the first employment outcome as part of the expansion of the Renewal SA’s Works Program to Tonsley.

The Tonsley Tafe bus will operate as a loop service from Monday to Friday, transporting students from South Road to the SIEC and FUNK Coffee.

The new bus driver position with Southern Cross Protection provides an exciting opportunity for Warren to undertake further training and expand his skills set.

“I have over 30 years of factory and warehouse experience and this new role will allow me to develop my customer service skills and work in a new environment.

“I’m looking forward to working at Tonsley each day and watching on as all the activity and construction on site continues to evolve,” said Warren.

Renewal SA ’s Works Program is targeted at key groups in the local community to help people to take the next steps through work experience, skills training and employment.

The program will issue contracts which provide work experience and/or new paid employment positions specifically for the local community.

Contact 8207 1300 for more details.


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