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Micro-x’s Capabilities Continue to Support Ukraine

Tonsley-based x-ray technology company Micro-X will send another $1.5m worth of its Rover mobile x-ray machines to Ukraine as part of a $20m assistance package announced by the Federal Government on 24 October.

The medical devices will complement 13 other Rover machines donated to frontline and civilian hospitals in the war-affected nation by charitable organisations last year.

"Our local defence industry has so many groundbreaking companies providing unique solutions like this,” Federal Minister for Defence Industry Pat Conroy said. “Portable x-ray equipment can provide life-saving assistance for Ukrainian personnel on the battlefield. "

Based at Tonsley Innovation District since 2016, Micro-X is a pioneer in the x-ray industry, creating revolutionary mobile machines that make medical treatment more accessible and improve health outcomes.

Micro-X serves as a prime example of the high-level technology and innovative solutions that are being produced at Tonsley Innovation District, with its award-winning ‘Rover’ and ‘Argus’ devices used regularly by the Australian Defence Force.

"For us the big attraction for a move to Tonsley was the vision of co-locating in an open and collaborative environment of like-minded companies,” Director of Micro-X Peter Rowland said. “In a cluster of similar, innovative engineering companies suddenly what you are doing seems normal and that helps everyone involved to learn and grow. "

More than 140 businesses are based at Tonsley Innovation District, creating a hub of innovation that accelerates the research and technology of world-leading products.



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