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New Venture Institute’s Venture Dorm Summer School 2018 – Launch a startup in just 5 weeks!

New Venture Institute's Venture Dorm Summer School 2018 - Launch a startup in just 5 weeks!
Venture Dorm

Applications for Summer School (January 2018) are now open.

Venture Dorm Summer School provides an educational environment for people who want to learn how entrepreneurs build new ventures and then create one themselves. The aim is taking an idea, finding a viable business model which is scalable and repeatable, from scratch, in just 5 weeks. Traditional business teaching is unsuitable for new ventures, as is just building a product insufficient for commercial success.

  • The program is a hands-on, learner-centered, inquiry based, immersive and experiential process
  • You will use principles such as Lean Startup, Customer Development and the Business Model Canvas
  • You will make “guesses” about your idea and “get out of the building” to test them in the real world
  • You will be guided one-on-one weekly by experienced individuals

Learning and insights are the focus and so is discovering if customers and users really want and will pay for a product.

The program will help you develop the mindset and skills to survive the roller coaster world of new venture creation. Put your ideas to the test and give yourself the best chance of success. This is practical, immersive education you can use for the rest of your life.

Summer School sessions begin on 16 January 2018 at Flinders @ Tonsley.

About the New Venture Institute

NVI is the home of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Flinders University. NVI has three main streams of activity all focused on activating the assets of the university to create added value in the community. These streams are:

  1. Business engagement—NVI act as a front door for industry to engage with the University, facilitating easy navigation of student, staff and research capabilities.
  2. Experiential education—NVI develop and deliver topics with all Flinders University’s Schools which engage students in real world/ real time industry problems, challenges and opportunities. Students work alongside CEO’s and executives gaining an appreciation of the ways in which they need to apply their knowledge in creative, innovative and entrepreneurial ways to solve problems and create value. In March 2017, NVI officially launched a full suite of new innovation topics that will add value to degrees across all disciplines of the University.
  1. New Venture Creation and Business Support—NVI assist students and the broader community create and grow startups through creative use of University resources. They also support existing businesses to grow, primarily SME’s, through business innovation workshops and the nurturing of a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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