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Back to News 19 November 2020

SAGE Automation manufactures the first trolley sanitising system in Australia

SAGE Automation manufactures the first trolley sanitising system in Australia

SAGE Automation in Tonsley has partnered with Sanitizit and Drakes Supermarkets to launch the first trolley sanitising machine in Australia.

Developed in the USA and manufactured and supplied in the Australian and New Zealand markets by Tonsley-based SAGE Automation, the product dispenses a measured dose of sanitising solution that covers the entire trolley as it passes through the unit, instantly killing any harmful bacteria.

“We are delighted to be bringing this product to the Australian market and to have conducted a successful local market trial with iconic Australian Supermarket chain, Drakes. SAGE will be the exclusive manufacturer of the Sanitizit product in Australia from our advanced manufacturing centre at Tonsley in South Australia and will provide ongoing support nationally via our 14 state and regional office locations,” Adrian Fahey, Managing Director and Chief Executive of SAGE Group, said.

While this automated system reduces the manual requirement for trolleys to be wiped down, its benefits in reducing waste (eliminating sanitary ‘wipes’) and providing functions to sanitise other hand-held baskets are also beneficial to providing effective cleaning and reducing the fear of germ transmission, building trust and confidence, and offering peace of mind for both employees and customers.

Proud to be supporting a local South Australian company with this innovative product, John-Paul Drake, Director of Drakes Supermarkets has said, “We have been working with SAGE Automation on the first Australian supermarket trial. Feedback from the team, as well as our customers, has been positive, and we will look at possibly rolling out into more of our stores.”

Drakes Supermarkets is the largest independent grocery retailer in Australia and specialises in supermarket retailing. Operating in over 60 stores across South Australia and Queensland, the company recently built a $125 million Distribution Centre in Edinburgh North, South Australia, and is the only fully independent, family-owned, vertically integrated supermarket chain in Australia.

Developed to help simplify daily routines in grocery stores, workplaces, and medical facilities, the Sanitizit system brings benefits including:

  • Operational efficiency for the retailer, replacing the manual process of wiping the trollies down by hand with a touchless system
  • The dosage of sanitising solution can be adjusted for one trolley or a bank of trolleys being sanitised at a time
  • Reduced waste by eliminating wipes being put into landfill
  • It sanitises the whole trolley, not just the handle
  • A hand-held wand enables the sanitising of shopping baskets from the main unit
  • The unit uses water based sanitising solution supplied by the unit operator
  • The units are low voltage and use very little power

SAGE has identified markets in the retail, medical (wheelchairs) and airport (luggage trolleys) spaces where the Sanitizit unit will provide the public and operators with enhanced cleanliness and peace of mind. With manufacturing to commence soon, this innovative effort in fighting COVID-19 will help create Australian jobs and provide local support.

Join SAGE and other COVID responders

SAGE Automation joins other Tonsley-based businesses, such as Form Cut, Micro-X and Specialised Solutions, in developing innovative solutions to help fight against COVID-19.

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