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Back to News 3 October 2023

Specialist engineering firm adds to Tonsley’s innovation mix

The long list of companies choosing to be located in the Tonsley Innovation District has grown further with advanced precision engineering service Attard Engineering to construct new headquarters on one of the last remaining large-scale sites.

Attard has secured 4238m2 on Edison Road and will now build a new integrated engineering design, machining, fabrication and office complex.

The move will enable further growth for Attard and will also provide a vital link for Tonsley tenants seeking advanced manufacturing services.

“Tonsley continues to deliver on its mission to enable further growth in high value manufacturing,” Renewal SA Executive Director, Major Projects and Property, Todd Perry said.

“The production of such high-value products relies on a strong value chain of complementary skills including specialised prototyping and manufacturing.

"Attard Engineering brings enormous skills into the Tonsley ecosystem with its state-of-the-art CNC machining and fabrication services that are scalable and adaptable to virtually any industry."

Renewal SA Executive Director, Major Projects and Property, Todd Perry

Founded more than 40 years ago, Attard now employs 12 staff and operates nationally and internationally, exporting to New Zealand, the Philippines and Hong Kong. The company plans to install new equipment in the premises and grow employment by a further five roles.

“We have been on a sustained growth trajectory with demand for precision fabrication and advanced manufacturing continuing to expand,” owner Yuan Liu said.

“We’re one of the few engineering companies capable of both low and high-volume output, and we help a lot of businesses in the development of their products.

“Tonsley is an ideal location for us because we will be co-locating with innovation businesses who are looking to create, test and produce products in emerging fields such as defence, medical devices and new energy. Those are growth areas for our business, and we’re excited about what moving to Tonsley will help us achieve, not only for our own business but for partner organisations.”

It’s expected construction on Attard’s new premises will start in Q1 2024.

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