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The New Venture Institute’s FOMENT Accelerator: Viti, Wine and Tourism Tech

The New Venture Institute’s FOMENT Accelerator: Viti, Wine and Tourism Tech

The New Venture Institute (NVI) in Tonsley has launched its FOMENT Accelerator Program to accelerate the next generation of viti, wine and tour-tech to be developed here in Australia and exported to the world.

In partnership with Tonsley based Hydra Consulting, and the Wine Industry Suppliers Australia Inc., the NVI’s FOMENT is the first program in the viti, wine and tourism sectors to have a global reach. Now on its third year, the program will be running in a COVID-proof format that seamlessly blends in-person and online learning, making it accessible to anyone around the globe.

By working with people within the industry, with a focus on South Australia, one of the great wine capitals of the world, a business that has been accelerated through FOMENT can then be exported into new markets.


FOMENT increases the competitiveness of Australia’s wine and tourism industries.

Offering intensive education, coaching and industry connections to viticulture, wine and tourism tech businesses who are ready to scale rapidly, this flagship accelerator program begins in September 2021.

Outside of the six week program, there are several exciting activations where industry and start ups can connect and network, including a regional immersion week in one of Australia’s premier wine and tourism regions. Start ups from Australia and across the world are invited to apply and those that are selected will participate in a program designed to help boost their business with the guidance of experts, mentors and direct links to leading wine and tourism businesses.

FOMENT Accelerator program is open to 15 companies developing tech solutions that will contribute to the viticulture, wine and tourism industries, ready to scale up. The following are indicators will be used to assess applications and determine if your business is a good fit.

  • Do you have a product prototype?
  • Have you fulfilled orders?
  • Have you protected IP?
  • Do you have a digital presence?
  • Have you beta tested your solution?
  • Do you already have customers?
  • Have you established your team?
  • Have you raised capital?

If you are interested in becoming a FOMENT participant in the 2021 accelerator program, you can start the application process here. Please note that you can save your progress and come back to it any time before applications close on 22nd June, Tuesday.

If you have any questions about the program and your application, contact Christina Belperio at [email protected].

FOMENT | Viti, Wine and Tourism Tech Variety Hour

FOMENT Accelerator 2021 was launched officially last month at a live streamed event held at the National Wine Centre featuring a dynamic cross-section of the wine and tourism industries, from the perspective of some truly thought-provoking and exciting speakers around the world.

To watch the live stream and pre-recorded interviews, click below.


NVI is the home of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Flinders University and has three main streams of activity, all focused on activating the assets of the university to create added value in the community. These streams are:

  1. Business engagement – NVI act as a front door for industry to engage with the University, facilitating easy navigation of student, staff and research capabilities.
  2. Experiential education – NVI develop and deliver topics with all Flinders University’s Schools which engage students in real world/ real time industry problems, challenges and opportunities. Students work alongside CEO’s and executives gaining an appreciation of the ways in which they need to apply their knowledge in creative, innovative and entrepreneurial ways to solve problems and create value. In March 2017, NVI officially launched a full suite of new innovation topics that will add value to degrees across all disciplines of the University.
  3. New Venture Creation and Business Support – NVI assist students and the broader community create and grow start ups through creative use of University resources. They also support existing businesses to grow, primarily SME’s, through business innovation workshops and the nurturing of a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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