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Back to News 30 March 2016

Tonsley team showcases Siemens’s PLM software to industry

Tonsley team showcases Siemens's PLM software to industry

This week our Tonsley team coordinated an event held in the new State Drill Core Reference Library at Tonsley entitled “Retooling the nation for a 4th industrial revolution”.

The event was attended by approximately 100 industry stakeholders and featured a presentation from President and CEO of Siemens’ PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Software from the United States, Mr Chuck Grindstaff, and a panel discussion with the Chairman of the German submarine bidder TKMS, the CEO of Tonsley based Simulation Australasia John Stewart, and Professor John Spoehr, the Director of the Australian Industrial Transformation Institute also based at Tonsley.

Mr Grindstaff discussed how Siemens designed and built PLM Software, a suite of technology products which has been used by companies internationally to design, simulate, manufacture and support high value products.

Products designed using PLM products include the Curiosity Mars Rover, Ducati motorcycles, the Maserati Ghibli, Canon cameras and even ‘digital shipyards’ including the US Navy in the State of Virginia.

In November 2015, the State Government invested more than $250,000 in a system simulation lab in conjunction with Simulation Australasia and Siemens to help local South Australian industry to better compete globally.

Innovation is a critical part of South Australia’s future economic growth, and Tonsley is at the forefront of developing and applying new, innovative new ways of doing business to build globally competitive, high value firms.


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