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Back to News 20 July 2016

Tonsley welcomes new companies

Tonsley welcomes new companies

As Tonsley delivers an innovation district that connects businesses with creative innovators, we welcome organisations that started operations here in the past six months to our community.

Micro-X is an Australian public limited company focused on the design, development and manufacturing of ultra-lightweight X-ray products. Micro-X’s nanotube technology-based products are targeted towards the global healthcare and counter IED imaging security markets.

Hydrix, an advanced engineering company based in Melbourne, established their presence at Tonsley and co-located with Micro-X. Hydrix has expansion plans to increase their staff numbers from five to twenty by the end of 2018.

HYDROFLEX develops high-performance hydrogen injection systems to reduce exhaust emissions and dependence on oil while increasing fuel efficiency of internal combustion engines. HYDROFLEX relocated from San Diego to Tonsley in April.

Advanced Focus, a sustainable process engineering solutions specialist, moved temporarily into the Administration Building. Advanced Focus intends to lease a POD space for 10 to 15 employees when it becomes available.

Cohda Wireless have begun testing driverless cars in a fenced-off section in the south east corner of the Main Assembly Building (MAB).

The state-of-the-art South Australia Drill Core Reference Library opened at Tonsley in February and will help uncover the next wave of resources discovery. The library represents $32.2 million in State investment and houses more than 7.5 million metres of drill core samples from over 100 years of exploration.

In addition, SAGE Automation will soon be calling Tonsley home. They recently signed their lease agreement for an area spanning 3,100m2 within the MAB. The purpose-designed facility will cost around $4 million to build and house over 120 staff.


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