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World Health Organisation awards contract to Micro-X

World Health Organisation awards contract to Micro-X

Tonsley based, hi-tech manufacturer Micro-X has landed a $1.4 million contract to deliver its Rover units to several Pacific island nations, care of the World Health Organisation.

First sales for lightweight Rover x-ray units

Known for their development and manufacturing of innovative, ultra-lightweight, mobile x-ray imaging equipment, Micro-X have announced the first sales of their machine specially designed for use by the military in rugged conditions.

The World Health Organisation awarded the contract, marking the company’s first success of its direct marketing strategy with the Rover product.  This direct to market strategy enables Micro-X to move up the value-chain compared to their earlier OEM business model, and marks an important milestone in embarking on an aggressive sales strategy for the product.

About the Rover

The 95kg Rover is the second product developed by Micro-X here at Tonsley, and was borne out of a need identified by the Australian Army for a full-performance, digital, mobile medical x-ray imager.

Given the requirements of operating in temporary medical facilities for the military, the product needed to be ruggedised and light.  It has been designed to allow operation on uneven ground thanks to its increased ground clearance, and it also offers a spare battery tray that can be swapped out in under a minute, offering minimal downtime.

(Source: Micro-X)

Making their mark on the world

Managing Director Peter Rowland has made it clear that the company intends to sustain the financial momentum gained from this Rover contract, with plans to go global with the product.

Micro-X announced to shareholders in August, that it plans to setup patient imaging demonstrations with Army and Navy units in Washington DC.  Moves have also been made to actively target expansion into other NATO countries whose armed forces have deployable hospitals.

Putting focus into this direct sales channel not only gives Micro-X greater control over the sales process, but also cuts out distributors, thereby offering increased margins.

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