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EfficientSee Pty Ltd


Tonsley Innovation District
G15 Main Assembly Building
6 MAB Eastern Promenade
Tonsley SA 5042


P: 0437 170 999
E: [email protected]

Mailing address:
PO Box 170
Park Holme SA 5043

Making savings happen

EfficientSee help large organisations thrive, by supporting them to move towards a clean, reliable, efficient energy future.

They help clients in the industrial, commercial and government sectors to navigate the shifting landscape of renewables and support them to use energy more efficiently. EfficientSee are recognised as being amongst Australia’s top strategic energy management expertise companies.

Since 2009, EfficientSee have identified more than $9.2M dollars in energy savings for our clients, along with over 20,400 tonnes in emissions. By 2030, they aim to have uncovered over $30M in savings potential for our clients along with over 30,000 tonnes of CO2-e emissions.

EfficientSee’s aim is to create lasting, measurable impact by getting their clients set up with a self-sustaining system of continuous energy improvement. That’s when they know their job is done.

Tonsley Future Energy Consortium

EfficientSee is a founding member of the Tonsley Future Energy Consortium.


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