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Tonsley Innovation District
Suite 13, T8Tonsley
6 MAB Eastern Promenade
Tonsley SA 5042


EngAnalysis are industry leaders in undertaking the design and implementation of complex test/measurement, data analysis and structural health monitoring systems with sophisticated telemetry and IOT data integration, and bespoke analysis software.

Our aim is to enable our clients to make informed decisions based on measured data and analysis that defines their uncertainties to reduce risk. This service allows our partners and customers to address critical issues about the design, performance, structural capacity and operation of major engineering assets that are essential to providing their service.

In doing this we use tools and techniques including field testing, advanced data analysis techniques, bespoke software development, data science, statistics, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and other applied sciences.

We have significant experience in the use of various field deployed sensor and measurement technologies including resistive and vibrating wire strain systems, machine vision systems, and fibre-optic FBG sensor systems.


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