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Tonsley Innovation District
Flinders New Venture Institute
Room 2.22, Level 2, Flinders University
4 MAB Eastern Promenade
Tonsley SA 5042


P: +61 401 192 100
E: [email protected]

A microscopy 4.0 company

GoMicro are developing technologies that will allow anyone to build and deploy AI detection engines on their phone.

GoMicro is a venture by Sensibility Pty Ltd. They have been working together at the New Venture Institue for a few years, initially developing phone apps for Education. It became abundantly clear that ever-increasing sensor, computational connectivity capabilities of the mobile phone are being unappreciated and underutilised in education; where old world equipment dictates work practices. GoMicro set out to change this. But failed, except with phone microscopy – that evolved into GoMicro.


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