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Tonsley Innovation District
Level 1, Administration Building
1 Tonsley Boulevard
Tonsley SA 5042


P: +61 448 053 024
E: [email protected]

Turning great ideas into great companies

Innovyz commercialise innovation and rapidly scale companies. They provide end-to-end support to help individuals, universities, research centres, existing companies and corporate spinouts build and grow companies, to bring their innovations, research and ideas to market. Innovyz do this via their Nine Month Programs. They also assist people and organisations who develop industry, make policy, and who have major commercialisation projects via the Innovyz Special Projects Department.

The Innovyz team are dedicated entrepreneurs and professionals that have assisted the establishment and growth of ideas and companies. Since the 90s, their experience has touched innovators, companies, incubators and accelerators across multiple industries in Australia and internationally.

In recent years, the individuals team members assembled to become Innovyz, a company dedicated to the growth of ideas, people and companies. Innovyz operates Innovyz Special Projects and also created the Innovyz Start Institute to operate their commercialisation program.

Great ideas matter, are important to national economies, fullfill human needs, solve big problems, and drive our lives and communities forward. It is these ideas that they look for, where they choose to focus their support. Innovyz operate across multiple industry categories and particularly focus on Ideas That Really Matter. Despite the potential impact of an idea, it needs to be established and nurtured, in order to grow.


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