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Tonsley Innovation District
Flinders New Venture Institute
Level 2, Flinders University
4 MAB Eastern Promenade
Tonsley SA 5042


P: +61 416 365 199
E: [email protected]

Producer of plastic products

Ragaplast started its journey in 1980 with one injection molding machine, but the dream was more significant than the challenges; therefore, by going through the evolutionary process, it achieved great success. These days, the company has more than 40 different machines in various fields of plastic parts production, plus more than 100 employees.

Ragaplast has solutions for production lines in two categories. The first is producing plastic parts for different industry sectors, such as cosmetics and food. The second is the design of a high-tech machine for producing bottles and validating machines for headlight production lines.

Ragaplast is part of the SISA (Supporting Innovation in South Australia) program.


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