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STEM @ Tonsley

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics and represents a unique approach to teaching and learning by focusing on individual students’ learning styles and interests. STEM education emphasises technology and integrates subjects in ways that connect disciplines and relate them to each other. STEM education highlights the future will be built on our capacity for innovation, invention, and creative problem solving and has been integrated across many South Australian primary and high schools.

The South Australian Economic Statement, released in 2023, highlights the importance of education and training to drive the state’s economy and proclaims that “… success will mean that individuals have the right foundational and industry-relevant skills and qualifications to participate in our current and future workforce, and businesses can access more of the talent they need to grow and thrive.” (page 32)

What is STEM at Tonsley?

The STEM activities at Tonsley are developed and delivered under the management of the Renewal SA Works Program which has the key objective to provide training and education opportunities to maximise social inclusion benefits from urban renewal activities, building capacity and economic development.

STEM Works @ Tonsley provides a platform for the Works Program to develop and strengthen relationships with South Australian schools, while also promoting opportunities for work experience to all audiences involved in the program (for example students, teachers, other school staff, parents, Tonsley businesses, and other key stakeholders).

With Tonsley recognized as a STEM hub, the Renewal SA Works Program have engaged and collaborated with the thriving business community to expose students to the latest STEM trends and career paths.

The STEM initiatives at Tonsley are currently delivered by:

  • STEM Works @ Tonsley Tours (in partnership with tenants) – led by Renewal SA and delivered by STEM Fast Track (more information below)
  • Tenants actively leading and delivering broader STEM @ Tonsley initiatives – led by individual tenants
  • Tenant internships and PhD initiatives with organisations such as SAGE and Micro X
  • Student work experience placements – 5 businesses over 1 week for student experience
  • STEM related events such as National Science Week (August each year) and Children’s University (September each year)
  • STEM career information (delivered by Flinders University; TAFE SA).
  • STEM related jobs or apprenticeships (please refer to Our Community page, search business and link off to their website to check out their latest career opportunities).

STEM Works @ Tonsley Tours

Delivered in partnership with STEM Fast Track, STEM Works @ Tonsley provide immersive experiences and living lessons with real-work relevance for students to discover the importance of STEM for future careers.

How students and teachers can benefit from STEM Works at Tonsley:

  • Change the way students see their futures and learn what they are working towards
  • Explore the impressive line-up of high-tech businesses at Tonsley Innovation District
  • Go behind the scenes and explore in greater depth a high-tech business
  • Learn how industry, research and government work together
  • Supports learning outcomes across all STEM fields as well as other subjects.

Tours are aimed at year 5 to year 12 students and are available until June 2024.

Contact: Teresa Janowski at STEM Fast Track
Mobile: 0402 157 787  Email: [email protected]


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