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Discover the future of energy at Tonsley Innovation District

Discover the future of energy at Tonsley Innovation District

Future Energy Week, in partnership with Tonsley Future Energy Consortium will be held at Tonsley Innovation District from 16-21 November 2021. Green energy leaders and a league of supporters including SAGE Group, CleanPeak Energy, CORE Innovation Hub and EfficientSee Energy and more will question and explore South Australia’s sustainable future and are invited to share knowledge, make connections and soak up the innovation happening at Tonsley.

Future Energy Week aims to collaborate, educate and elevate Australia’s answers to domestic and international energy challenges,” director of Tonsley Future Energy Week founder Mr Quentin Roberts said.

As the owner and manager of Tonsley based businesses EfficientSee and SA-H2H Hydrogen Technology Cluster, Quentin Roberts is excited to showcase how the district has put energy on the map in South Australia.

"“Future Energy Week is a proud collaboration with the Tonsley Future Energy Consortium that will bring together the best and brightest on the pertinent topic of energy transition at the renowned Tonsley Innovation Districts. Be part of the change. You’ll be amazed at what you will see, hear and learn” "

Quentin Roberts, Director, Future Energy Week, owner and manager of Tonsley-based businesses, SA-H2H and Efficientsee

The event features sessions led by World Energy Council CEO Dr Angela Wilkinson, Professor Will Steffen from Australia’s Climate Change CouncilSA Minister for Environment and Water David Spiers MP, SA Chief Scientist Dr Caroline McMillan, Senator Penny Wong, and other research and industry leaders.

Flinders University’s New Venture Institute will be supporting the ‘two-day’ ‘Energy Transformathon’ with the help of partners including World Energy Council, City of Marion, the Menzies Foundation as well as Renewal SA. Flinders Associate Professor of Innovation and Enterprise, Bert Verhoeven says that the NVI has ‘gamified’ a traditional hackathon to develop participants’ energy-related solutions, with industry leaders assessing the merits and potential commercial applications.

"“World-class initiatives at Tonsley will help us form the new green economy, featuring affordable renewable sources of solar and wind energy, electric vehicles and emerging technologies.”"

Flinders Associate Professor of Innovation and Enterprise, Bert Verhoeven

Members of the Tonsley Future Energy Consortium will profile their achievements in front of the networks of energy companies and stakeholders at Tonsley. Following the lead of the international COP26 summit, the Tonsley Future Energy Week‘s program culminates in a three-day summit and $10,000 competition to develop another new idea for a greener future.

Flinders University Professor, Mats Andersson, Director of the University’s Institute for NanoScale Science and Technology says holding the event at Tonsley Innovation District will be a world-class experience.

“From solar to emerging hydrogen technology, future climate change depends on developing and commercialising new techniques,” he said.

“As well as our on-site tertiary institutions, and local and state government partnerships, the Tonsley site is driving renewable energy innovation in South Australia.”

All tickets sold for Tonsley Future Energy Week are carbon neutral. View the full program and book here.


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