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Tonsley Car Parking Update

For more than a decade, Tonsley Innovation District has been pioneering innovation across a number of key high-value manufacturing sectors such as health, medical devices, and assistive technologies, as well as cleantech, renewable energy, automation, software and simulation, and mining and energy services. Its reputation as a global leader has attracted top minds and businesses, resulting in a community now comprising 150 companies and start-ups, over 2,000 workers, and 8,500 students.

In the coming months, Tonsley will continue its growth momentum with significant development planned across several of the remaining vacant land parcels within the precinct.

This includes construction of the highly anticipated three-storey retail precinct on the western side of the Main Assembly Building (MAB), that will further enhance and elevate Tonsley as true live, work, play environment.

This retail precinct, by developer Otello, will deliver key amenities to the growing Tonsley community, including a supermarket, child care centre, gym and dining experiences that will spill out onto the Western Plaza reserve, facing the future Little Bang microbrewery within Tonsley’s old Boiler House.

Otello’s Tonsley Precinct, designed by Studio Nine Architects, is a multi-use area that combines business, education, retail, and residential sectors. This three-storey development offers retail shops, indoor facilities, a gym, and commercial spaces.

The head office of community housing provider Junction Housing will also form part of this new activity hub, along with housing, giving young residents a direct window into the flourishing careers ecosystem that is Tonsley Innovation District.

As a result of this planned development, the temporary car parking bay known as P3, that is bounded by the MAB, MAB Circuit and Watts Roads, will no longer be available for parking from close of business Friday, 17 May 2024.

There is ample parking across the wider precinct with some 1,500 spaces available within dedicated parking areas and on future development sites. This in addition to dozens of on-street parking options in and around the District.

Use P4 parking bay west of MAB Circuit abutting the Flinders rail line. More than 500 parks are available within this area.

A public multi-deck car park is also planned at the northern end of Tonsley to cater for anticipated future demand. Further information on this proposed development will be released in due course.

MAB tenants and visitors who have enjoyed the use of the temporary P3 parking bay to date are encouraged to use the P4 parking bay west of MAB Circuit abutting the Flinders rail line. More than 500 parks are available within this area.

As Tonsley prepares for changes in parking arrangements, it presents an opportunity for staff, students and businesses to reconsider their transportation options. Tonsley boasts multiple public transport alternatives, including a dedicated train station, conveniently situated on the precinct’s western fringe, buses and the two-way Flinders Greenway pedestrian and cycling path.

Embracing active transport not only aligns with Tonsley’s commitment to sustainability but also provides businesses with an opportunity to enhance their ESG credentials. Encouraging staff to reduce their reliance on cars by utilising Adelaide’s rail network from Tonsley Railway Station, can significantly reduce environmental impact and commute times, with just a 20-minute journey to Adelaide’s CBD. Additionally, the ongoing extension of the Flinders Greenway, in collaboration with the City of Marion and Department of Infrastructure and Transport, promises improved connectivity between Tonsley and key economic areas in the south including the Flinders Hub, reinforcing its status as an innovative and sustainable district.

The Tonsley community is encouraged to utilise these sustainable – and more affordable – alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to their workplace’s environmental goals.

If you have questions about changing parking conditions at Tonsley please email [email protected]


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