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Tonsley Innovation District
6 MAB Eastern Promenade
Tonsley SA 5042


P: 1800 960 360
E: [email protected]

Helping companies become future ready

Nukon specialises in delivering digital transformation for companies that want to be future ready – whatever it holds. Nukon bridges the IT/OT Gap by working to bring the worlds of operational technology and information technology together.

Its independent, custom-designed solutions combine strategy, analysis and technology to give visibility into key business processes, so they can be optimised. Nukon’s consulting and agile implementations enable a collaborative and iterative way to implement solutions that are fit-for-purpose, reliable, cost-effective and have an instant impact on business output.

Nukon delivers fully integrated business optimisation, from supply chain to operations, the shop floor, IT, engineering and enterprise systems.

SAGE Group

Nukon is a part of SAGE Group, who’s specialist business units combine their expertise to support clients to lead into the future on their digital transformation journey, with the perfect balance of technology, process and capability.

SAGE Group brands include SAGE Automation, Nukon, Embedded Expertise and Skills Lab.


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